Bathtub edging profiles

In addition to the seals, we also produce edging profiles for bathtubs and shower trays. Unlike other similar products on the market, our edging profiles are made of acrylic, the same material used for traditional bathtubs or shower trays. In fact, having a very good resistance to UV, acrylic ensures the durability of our edging profiles, preventing them from changing colour or yellowing easily. The edging profiles are available in both rigid and flexible versions, and are provided with a set of terminals and corner joints.

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The flexible edge (co-extruded PMMA and PUR) is supplied in reels of 4 meters and is fitted on the back with a bi-adhesive tape for positioning. In any case, the use of silicone is recommended for the fixing of the profile. Thanks to its flexibility and particular shape, bordoflex can be fitted after the installation of the bathtub or shower.
Bordorigido (Rigid edge)
The rigid edge is supplied in bars and must be applied with silicone during the installation of the bathtub or the shower.

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