We also offer a series of extra clear polycarbonate profiles for glass partition wall applications. The profiles, provided by a double side adhesive tape, have a mere connecting function among the several glass panels.

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Glass Thickness
The profiles are meant for 8mm, 10mm glass, laminated glass 55.1, 55.2 and 55.4 as well as for 12mm glass.
The connecting profiles are made of extra clear polycarbonate. The adhesive, the AcxPlus 7054 by TESA, is a high quality acrylic tape in terms of bonding power, transparency and weather resistance.
We supply the profiles cut to 3.000mm in carton boxes. Every each single bar is sealed in order to preserve the tape quality by avoiding the contact with the dirt and protecting from humidity.
Customized profiles
According to the customer’s requirement - for instance - We may customize the length of the profiles or manufacture the pieces in a different coloration.

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