Tailor made profiles

Thanks to our decade-long experience in the field we follow and support the customer from the conceptual development of the profile up to its production. Once we have defined the technical drawing with the customer, we take care of the creation of the die and then we produce the extruded product.

More information
Through a co-design process, we offer the customer possible improved solutions to optimise the production of the extruded item, of course without compromising its functionality.
Advice on materials
According to customer needs, we identify the materials that are most suitable to the project and that best respond in terms of performance under required operating conditions or specific industry regulations.
3D printing
In the design phase it becomes very useful to be able to actually see the profile before creating the die thus helping the customer to reduce the margin of error, avoiding further costs and shortening production time.
Creation of the die
Thanks to the forty years of experience of the owner Giuseppe Fantin and a network of selected partners, we are able to build and test the tooling internally. For the customer EXA therefore is and remains the only partner and it is therefore our duty not only to produce exclusively for the customer but also take care of the die ensuring its good condition and proper operation throughout the collaboration period.

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