This page describes how this website is managed as regards the processing of the personal data of users who visit it.

This privacy statement is valid for all visitors to the website, as part of the personal data provided by the latter to EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale.

As part of the processing of personal data, the Data Controller is EXA S.R.L - unipersonale with registered office in Via Tarcentina n. 74 - 33030 Buja (UD), VAT number 01914040306, under the responsibility of Ms. Monica Fantin, appointed by the Data Controller. In the event that the person concerned has requests regarding this privacy policy or, more generally, the processing procedures for their personal data, they may contact the appointed officer


In light of the services offered, the purposes for which EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale will process the personal data of users are:

In relation to the processing aimed at direct marketing to visitors to the Site, data subjects will be required to provide explicit consent. In relation to the remaining purposes of the processing, constituting a legitimate interest that does not affect the rights of the data subject, it is not necessary to collect explicit consent.

Considering the purposes described above and the type of service offered, EXA S.R.L. -unipersonale will process the following types of personal data provided to the extent necessary by the data subject:

Personal data are collected on an optional basis or on a mandatory basis. If it is mandatory to provide personal data, these will be flagged accordingly. In the event that the data subject refuses to provide personal data reported as mandatory, EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale will not be able to respond to requests.


In order to achieve the purpose for which it is necessary to collect personal data, EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale will collect and store in its systems the personal data of the data subject spontaneously released and/or collected also from third-party sources. The data can be collected and filed also in paper format and will be processed by the company staff who are appropriately trained to carry out such processing activities.


The data provided by the data subject, for the achievement of the aforementioned purposes, may be shared with third parties, whether they are Independent Handlers or External Data Processors.

The categories of third parties that may be involved in the processing of personal data are:

For the purposes described above, EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale may share personal data collected with suppliers based in non-EU countries. In any case, EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale undertakes to ensure an adequate level of protection by setting appropriate guarantees in compliance with the GDPR Regulation (EU 679/2016).

In the event that the third parties act as external processing managers, it will be the responsibility of EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale, to ensure that the data are processed in an appropriate and secure manner, according to the specific processing in question. To this end, EXA S.R.L. - unipersonale will make sure that the third party provides measures that are appropriate to the processing, and will provide these with precise instructions, while supervising their work.


The IT systems and the software procedures employed to operate this site acquire, during their normal use, some personal data whose disclosure is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified data subjects, but due to its very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow users to be identified (i.e. parameters related to the operating system and the IT environment of the user). These data are used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the site and to check its correct functioning and are deleted immediately after processing. These data can also be used for identifying liability in the case of hypothetical IT offences causing damage to the site.


Cookies are small text files sent by the web server to the user's computer while browsing. Cookies are widely used on the internet to facilitate the customisation of online services, and to securely manage access to restricted areas of a website. The cookie information can only be read by the web server, in an absolutely anonymous way. Cookies do not store any personal information, such as name, surname or email address. No individual can be identified on the sole basis of cookies, and their use is widely accepted. By configuring their browser appropriately, the user can still disable cookies. In this case, however, access to, use and personalisation of certain services of the Site may not work properly.


The data provided by the data subject or collected from third-party sources will be stored in the company archives to the extent necessary and only for the purpose of pursuing the purposes described above. To be sure to process personal data in a manner consistent with the will of the data subject, in each commercial message the choice is clearly given to opt out of further communications.


The data subject has multiple options for the management of the personal data provided.

Specifically, the data subject can:

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